Information for Parents

Why should you let your child try parkour? Well, to answer that it's best to describe what it is that we teach. At Urban Junglegym we believe parkour consists of three main aspects - control, progression, and confidence. With the right instructors, a student can be taught how to preform a movement with control, so that it's perfectly safe. Then, after practice and repetition the student sees progress, which gives him or her confidence. They accomplish a movement they've never done before, which makes them happy, which makes our coaches happy. It's not a dangerous activity, and all of our coaches have years of experience teaching, always emphasizing safety when instructing students. , If you're wondering what the gym looks like go to our "About the gym" page. If you'd like your child to attend a class, make sure you fill out a Waiver before bringing your child to a class, everyone below the age of 18 needs to have it signed.